LanguageJapanese / English

Tokyo Funky Dolls is a quartet of hip-clad songstress’ from the heart of Japan who are truly a fun-filled feast for the eyes. These lovely talents from “The Land of The Rising Sun” are on a mission to spread their burning love for Classic Funk, Soul, and Disco around the globe. Their joyful energy is so infectious, you’ll too find yourself catching Funk Fever, and thanking Tokyo Funky Dolls for an extremely satisfying ill.


KiYOMi, the Number One Afro of Tokyo Funky Dolls, leads this exciting group, filling roles as arranger and composer. She has been playing piano and organ since she was a child and enjoys every opportunity to tap the keys. Since graduating from music school, she’s been working as a professional entertainer and music teacher. Heavily inspired by R&B, Gospel, and Jazz, her vocal style is deeply soulful and unique. KiYOMi has passion for everything she does, and it shows every time she’s on stage. Just ask her adoring fans, of which she has many.


COKURi was introduced to MINYO, a traditional Japanese Folk-style music during the earliest moments of her childhood. From this experience, she gained not only an appreciation of traditional Japanese music, but was also motivated to acquire her license as an instructor later in life. Always motivated to broaden her musical horizons, she loves performing whenever possible. And, don’t let her petite size fool you! COKURi may be tiny, but she’s a package of dynamite, with a powerful voice that has earned her a lot of praise and demands much attention every time she performs.



MiKA is trained in Classical Ballet, which she began at the early age of three. She continued her love of dance all the way up through university and then, went onto become a featured dancer at Tokyo Disneyland. Now in charge of choreography for Tokyo Funky Dolls, MiKA continues to impress with her energetic moves, her infectiously joyful personality, and beautiful vocal talent. Dancin’ Machine MiKA is a treat to watch and hear.



MiSUZU is also a trained dancer who excelled during her university days. However, due to an unfortunate automobile accident after graduation, she had to discontinue her dream of dancing. Luckily for us, she did not let this difficultly stop her from lifting herself up. Still wanting to take the stage as a performer, she began singing. And since doing so, she has found her true calling, proving that even after hardship, we can still achieve happiness through hard work and positive thinking. MiSUZU is a true champion of spirit.